I think this was a nice picture from today. naiveundine
Also Edward help me figure out more of my intentions with this painting. And I more of an under painting on just to kind of see what everything will look like in relation to each other. Still has a lot of work.
If only I could actually wear this mask in public, even though it would be almost pointless.
Newest addition to my mini art collection.
Greg Simkins is making a stop motion movie and here’s the main character, Ralf!
Why I don’t sleep. 
Along with a  combination of black tea, singing to sad music, and not wanting to sleep because I feel unproductive.
Drinking four cups of strong black Indian tea probably wasn’t the best idea when I have to wake up early for class tomorrow, but at least I’m doing something productive.
It was fun seeing this in the theater
How is it already four a.m.
Because drawing still life’s with an eyepatch makes more sense.