Only feel like sharing this on here. This is close to what my next painting will look like, I might change the cropping a little.
My camera battery died so now I’m waiting and not sleeping.
I accidentally pressed gif. Whatever, I love this shirt and my swordfish.
I put a grey tone on a bunch of canvases for more paintings today
also if anyone knows about Pythagoras and his laws of composition, and the armature some of the old masters used; here’s what I came to after trying different pictures and cropping. putting a focus on certain features so you’re naturally drawn to them. also the line right on her shoulder and the line leading from her jaw line to the separation of the light on her arm.and more things I could point out but one, the thing is composition is hard and needs to be a little planned :)
I think this was a nice picture from today. naiveundine
Also Edward help me figure out more of my intentions with this painting. And I more of an under painting on just to kind of see what everything will look like in relation to each other. Still has a lot of work.